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Karseell Maca Power Shampoo



✔ 500ml SHAMPOO | Deeply cleanse hair and scalps, repair dry & damaged hair. Non greasy for hair, relaxing tense scalps and lighten your hair. ✔ MOISTURIZE AND NOURISH | Argan oil is rich in vitamin E. It can repair the split ends of the hair, moisten the hair and bring a shiny luster. It's a great ingredient for moisturizing hair and protecting against UV damage.



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Maca benefits for stimulating hair growth are well recognized by the cosmetic industry, because they are infusing the root powder into shampoos to be used as a daily preventative measure. The macaenes and macamides found in the Peruvian extract are responsible for this. Compounds found in the plant aid in production of the epithelial sheath cells, the bulb surrounding new hair, which in turn promotes hair growth and provides protection against outside stress. Additionally use of maca can increase collagen thickness in the tissue just under the skin, which better allows the hair to adhere to the scalp.

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Karseell Maca Power Shampoo