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About us

The Company story starts back in 2003, during hard times to find professional, high-quality hairstyling products, where the demand was high but the options available were few.

At the time, the idea was born through the knowledge of professionals to create new products and satisfy the high demand of new hairstyles, where everybody craved and continues to crave to be at their best with beautiful and unique hairstyles and colour that fit with their image, and at that time Five star cosmetiki ltd was established with the vision to promote all over Cyprus with the best hair products and tools for Barber shops and Hairdressing salons.

From its establishment until now, the company has achieved a high reputation and trust from our clients has allowed us to become like best friends. What they say is that we are one of the most successful companies, and we do our best to live up to the reputation they give us.

Presently we distribute And develop more than 5 Famous Brands all over Cyprus and also Export sale.

Our passion and motivation is the beautiful hair that brings you joy and confidence and offer products and accessories that are unique and well known, and we hope you get to enjoy our products as much as we do.